Avasara Academy, Lavale, India

Avasara Academy

Elbphilharmonie, Hamburg, Germany


Grace Farms, New Canaan, CT, USA

Grace Farms

Marvin Hall, Lawrence, KS, USA

Marvin Hall

Passivhäuser Piusplatz, Munich, Germany

Passivhäuser Piusplatz

One Ocean – Pavilion EXPO 2012, Yeosu, South Korea

One Ocean – Pavilion EXPO 2012

Lee Hall Complex Expansion, Clemson, SC, USA

Lee Hall Complex Expansion

Office Building Fabrikstrasse 15, Basel, Switzerland

Office Building Fabrikstrasse 15

Butaro District Hospital, Rwanda

Butaro District Hospital

ADAC Headquarters, Munich, Germany

ADAC Headquarters

Gymnasium Ergolding, Ergolding, Germany

Gymnasium Ergolding

Redevelopment Place de la République, Paris, France

Redevelopment Place de la République

John and Frances Angelos Law Center, Baltimore, MD, USA

John and Frances Angelos Law Center