Développement Champ de Construction - wagnisSHARE, Augsburg, Allemagne

On a new building site in the Sheridanpark which was formerly a barracks site, three new houses are being built using sustainable and ecological construction methods. The name "wagnisSHARE" refers both to the Sheridanpark and to the developer's basic concept of using resources more consciously through solidary sharing while opening up new design potential.
A mix of conventional and cluster housing types, privately financed and subsidised, is intended to ensure a colourful, inclusive and intergenerational neighbourhood.
Around 45 flats and studios are planned. Communal areas such as guest flats, workshops and roof terraces complement the flats by offering space for encounters. Various commercial spaces will serve as a contact point for the entire neighbourhood. In close cooperation with the neighbours, a square will also be created in the south of the property to facilitate contact and communication.
In view of the changing conditions in energy supply and subsidy programmes, Transsolar is working closely with the architects, cooperatives, and the developer to find new ways to create sustainable housing.