Masterplan Wipro Campus, Hyderabad, Inde

Masterplan Wipro Campus

WIPRO's new Gopanapally Campus in Hyderabad will consist of 100,000 sqm of office space in the first development phase. The facilities will include additional amenities such as restaurants, gyms, cafeterias and a library. Relying on highly effective solar shading, the building can take advantage of a hybrid space conditioning approach using elevated air speed within the offices.

A 3,000 sqm restaurant is located in the courtyard of the building complex. Comfort is maintained in this courtyard for a variety of conditions across Hyderabad’s three separate seasons; hot and dry, warm and humid, and warm and dry. A combination of passive and active features work to provide shading, reduce air temperatures and elevate air speeds.

Designed to take advantage of prevailing winds, breeze cools the courtyard, additional fans further increase the air speed when necessary. Shading is provided by structures including a light weight membrane roof as well as plant growth. Air temperature is tempered through evaporative cooling with water features and as necessary dry mist systems. And thermal mass stores coolness from lower night time temperatures to give of throughout the course of the day.

Masterplan Wipro Campus

Outdoor restaurant – excellent outdoor comfort all year.