Urban Development Masterplan, Freiberg a.N., Germany

Urban Development Masterplan

As part of the redevelopment of the city center, the new building of the Oscar Paret School, the new sports hall and other future buildings are being designed to connect to the existing local heating supply. The energy generation system will also be redesigned in order to function in a climate-friendly manner.
The long-term goal is to minimize the consumption of non-renewable energy. This is to be achieved by using a large-scale solar thermal system on the roof of the Oscar Paret School and the sports hall, in combination with long-term heat storage and a heat pump. These components are complemented by combined heat and power plants, which feed not only heat generation but also the city's own power grid. Gas boilers cover peak loads in winter by additionally supporting heat generation.
Through energy-efficient new buildings and energy-efficient refurbishment of the existing ones, it is possible to reduce the total energy requirement despite an increase in the space used.