Rapunzel Vistors Center, Legau, Germany

Rapunzel Vistors Center

The architects call the new visitor center of the organic food manufacturer Rapunzel an “accessible building sculpture.” A roasting facility, exhibition area, gastronomy, and culinary school as well as extensive outdoor facilities are to be built here for an interactive knowledge transfer.

Transsolar developed the ventilation and energy concept for the new visitor center, following the architectural planning. Most of the building's usable space will receive mechanical ventilation with efficient heat recovery. Heating and cooling are largely provided by underfloor heating or component activation. The majority of the facility uses natural ventilation and night air cooling, so that very good thermal comfort is achieved year-round.

The heat supply of the building is ensured through the consistent utilization of waste heat. Additional heating from Rapunzel's own wood-fired thermal power station is only required on a few days of the year.

Ventilation and energy concepts are developed in close cooperation with the architects and other team experts and thus become an integral part of the building design.