Festival Folk High School, Roskilde, Denmark

Festival Folk High School
Festival Folk High School

Roskilde Festival Folk High School – Part of Denmark's Rock Magnet
The area of the "ROCK Magnet", the new district for rock music, creativity and youth culture to be created here, is located on Seeland, an island west of Copenhagen, between the city of Roskilde and the area of the annual rock music festival on the site of the former Unicon concrete factory.
COBE and MVRDV won the 2011 competition for the masterplan of the 11,000 square meter “rock magnet” with their joint project. The industrial halls with their informal character are to be retained. Three main buildings are planned: the Ragnarock Museum (completed in 2016), the administrative center of the Roskilde Festival and the Roskilde Festival Folk High School.
A Danish Folk High School differs in many ways from standard schools. For example, it has no curriculum and no exams; students and teachers live in the school during a semester.
The Roskilde Festival Folk High School project is part of the plan to transform a 3000 m² former cement factory into a pleasant learning environment.
The columns and the roof of the original building remain, the walls and the interior are replaced by a "box-in-a-box" concept: modules in different colors fill the store-like shell of the main building. The heart of the building is the wooden staircase.
Transsolar has worked intensively on the sophisticated daylight concept for this project, adapted to Danish regulations.
For the benefit of the users, those state that work rooms, living rooms, etc. must not only be provided with sufficient daylight, but always must be equipped with windows that allow a view of the surroundings. This also applies if skylights are present.
Iterative daylight simulations were carried out on 3D models. The interior rooms had to be well illuminated, and at the same time the adjusted deep rooms in the hall needed to be supplied with sufficient daylight. The skylights in the hall should not cause glare – and the wandering sunlight should create an interesting atmosphere.
The facades, windows and inner boxes not only meet the objectives of the regulation, but also, where necessary, allow visual contact inside and additionally improve the spatial experience.
MVRDV and COBE continue to work on completing the masterplan.

Festival Folk High School

Ground floor daylighting analysis

Festival Folk High School

1st floor daylighting analysis