Downsview Framework Plan, Toronto, ON, Canada

Downsview Framework Plan

Northcrest and Canada Lands worked together to create a planning framework for the future of Toronto's Downsview neighbourhood, including the lands of the former Downsview Airport, scheduled to close in 2023. The area covers approximately 210 hectares.
In 2020, the developing process of updating the land use and development framework for Downsview began. It marked the beginning of a multi-year process to reshape and develop an area of Toronto that has dramatically changed over time and will continue to evolve in the coming decades. The goal is to create a future for this area that shows how to build sustainable, resilient, vibrant, healthy, and complete communities.
Transsolar was part of the team supporting this process, advising on microclimates, outdoor comfort, and energy strategies.

2023 Toronto Urban Design Award
2024 National Urban Design Award cat. Urban Design Plans