SolarChimney tool and preliminary assessment of the Auroville Language Lab

The task was to analyze and evaluate the air flow through the proposed natural ventilation system of earth ducts, shafts and solar chimneys in the Auroville Language Laboratory in India. The unfinished ventilation system of the building needs additional verification of the design presumptions, dimensions and guidelines, which was done using the Excel-based SolarChimney Tool developed by Peter Voit. Main questions of the task were the direction of the air flow in the system, as well as dimensions of shafts and solar chimneys. The weather data like temperature were measured and collected in December of 2019.
Before verifying the Auroville Language Laboratory measured data, the tool was still in the design phase; in order to enhance the tool, it was necessary to carry out the extensive research of basic principles and physics of the air flow and technology of earth ducts and solar chimneys. Redesign of the tool, its user interface and differentiation of steps and all the calculations were carried out as the result of the research. The final result is logical and user-friendly tool that can adjoin verification of similar tasks with confidence.
With the help of the tool, it is possible to determine the direction and strength of the air flow according to outdoor and indoor conditions, as well as the air flow rate through the system. Also, the tool is helpful with verifying and / or proposing the initial (but not definite) dimensions of the zones like shafts and solar chimneys.

Mentors: Mohammad Hamza, Michelle Hur, Peter Voit

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Filip Kobzinek – Croatia

Filip Kobzinek – Croatia

Filip studied at the Faculty of Civil engineering, Architecture and Geodesy at the University in Split He finished his undergraduate studies (Bacc. Ing. Arch.) in 2012 and graduated (Mag. Ing. Arch.) in 2014. He is leader of the working group organized by the Society of Architects of Varaždin – a group of young architects-volunteers who research, promote and teach about the values of 20th century architecture in Varaždin.