Energy Supply

Energy concept

When attempting to reduce the heating, cooling and electricity demands of a building, a key question is: „Where is the heating and cooling energy coming from?” If a connection to a high-efficiency district heating plant is available, then perhaps highly insulated walls and high-efficiency heat recovery are less critical and resources could be spent more effectively on other improvements. In other words, one should consider not only end-use energy but also energy supply to give the best results for the project overall.

Neighborhoods around the world are ageing and changing. Infrastructure replacement, climate change goals, and cultural trends are just some of the factors that are creating a need for new energy supply concepts. We assist in the development of energy supply concepts by creating load profiles, as they change through time, based on scenarios of expected building renovation and construction. Included in each scenario is guidance on energy generation and distribution strategies and sizing.

When discussing various design concepts, it is imperative to work with existing residents and building owners to develop a satisfactory solution for all stakeholders. Public relations, public participation, and the formation and maintenance of social networks are tasks just as important as, and conducted parallel to, the concept creation. Our main role for public engagement activities is to supply information in a form and manner that is accessible to all.