March-ongoing 2021

Measurements in Educational Campus Tatale in Ghana

Cooperation with Studio Anna Heringer

For the Educational Training Campus project, we would like to determine how the adobe buildings perform in terms of indoor climate. For this purpose, we have provided measuring equipment to regularly record temperature and humidity on site. The aim is to record measured values both inside the building and outside in the shade in order to document the climatic behavior of the adobe building. The measurements are supervised by Léna Obrecht and Raphael Lafargue.

We started the project cooperation with Studio Anna Heringer in March 2021. The team of Michelle Hur, Francis Fotsing, Daniel Lago and Markus Krauß started off by analyzing the overall campus.
In December Michelle Hur, Stefanie Reuss and Isabela Tavares followed up with a daylight and shading study for the building for Sustainable Construction giving design recommendations to the architects. Construction started right after and is still ongoing.

The first classroom was finished in February 2022 and is the first space on campus where comfort will be measured.