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New York
Alessa Ash
Konstantin Bausch

Konstantin is member of the New York team focusing on sustainability in the context of building design. Plus

Rafaela Behrens

Rafaela, an architect with extensive studies in the area of sustainability, seeks to transmit her knowledge to achieve a design that is respectful of the environment and ensures people’s comfort. Plus

Tommaso Bitossi
Associate Director

Tommaso focuses on two aspects of climate responsive design: architecture and climate engineering. Plus

Jonathon Brearley

Jonathon believes the most impactful design comes from cross-disciplinary collaboration, drawing on a multitude of fields, perspectives, and experiences. Plus

Pamela Cabrera
Senior Associate

Pamela is passionate about the impact of good design in the built environment. She understands the importance of creative thinking and an interdisciplinary approach between art and science, linking architecture to engineering. Plus

Erik Olsen

Erik leads Transsolar's New York team with his diverse background, rigorous technical approach, and passionate focus on high-comfort, low-impact environments. Plus

Krista Palen
Associate Director

Krista brings to the Transsolar New York team a passion for design at the intersection of architecture, engineering, computation, and ecology. Plus

Mariana Liebman-Pelaez

Mariana has a passion for data-driven building design at the intersection of comfort, resilience, and sustainability. Plus

Sophie Schneider

Sophie joined Transsolar’s New York team in 2021 to provide engineering analysis support. Plus

Viola Zhang

Viola works in cross-disciplinary fields to develop and fabricate technology for more sustainable practice and environmental adaptability. Plus