Avasara Academy – Raising Future Female Leaders

An ambitious project, located in Lavale, India, is now completed. Together with Case Design, Transsolar was asked to create an exemplary comfortable building without any mechanical system in the warm and humid western part of India.
Avasara Academy is a school for young girls with the goal to raise future female leaders. The first building of the extensive campus was finished in 2016, and now - four years later - the entire campus has been completed. There are six buildings on the campus altogether on an area of 183.000 square feet.
Day- and nighttime temperatures vary widely in this region of India (from very hot and humid during the day to very cold at night). Despite this, the buildings were designed without any mechanical cooling. A system of solar chimneys pump hot air out of the buildings and supply them with cool air. The thermal mass of the buildings’ structure help to keep temperatures comfortable.
Transsolar is very proud to have been a part of this project and we are excited to see it completed. Project information >

Photo: Ariel Huber