Canadian Parliament West Block Rehabilitation

Canadian comedian Rick Mercer reported on our project at the West Block for his show the Rick Mercer Report. Rick mounted the first glass element on the roof structure and signed the steelwork underneath.
A curving glass roof is being built over the central courtyard of the West Block so that it can serve as a long-term temporary chamber for the Canadian House of Commons.. Construction will continue through 2017.
Transsolar developed the concept for the horizontal, ventilated double skin facade in collaboration with ARCOP/FGM and Front. We performed extensive thermal, daylighting and CFD analysis to validate the climate concepts under a variety of conditions. Transsolar also proposed key sequences of operations for the roof mechanical systems and operable louvers.

Client: PWGSC – Public Works and Government Services Canada
Architect: ARCOP/FGMDA
Main contractor: PCL Constructors Canada Inc.