Farewell, dear Geli!

Time is moving on, as is Transsolar. This means that the faces of our colleagues change, new faces come, others leave; we barely have time to get to know our interns before they move on again.

But saying goodbye to one of our colleague who is entering retirement is something special. In fact, this is our first time! Angelika "Geli" Abele is the first one to reach the age limit and is allowed to retire from the working world. She started in the young company as the supporting pillar of the accounting department and, as was the case at that time, she sorted the papers into folders and files and made sure that invoices and appointments did not fall by the wayside. On July 15, 2020 she said goodbye to us after 26 years.

You could call her our rock, but Geli is not made of stone. She is a person with heart, likes to be on the road and outdoors and is a friend of the environment. She now has time to enjoy tours on her beloved e-bike - newly powered by solar radiation. Transsolarians have joined forces to gift Geli with a powerful foldable panel with matching charger, both light enough to be taken on the road. We hope this small gift will offer Geli continuous enjoyment in her retirement.