On Ends, Beginnings and Staying True to Yourself

The Transsolar project day in Munich marked a key milestone in the Transsolar Academy’s journey: We gathered to reflect on the Academy’s past, celebrated the present and got excited about its future. The current fellows presented their personal project to a room full of Transsolar experts from Munich, Stuttgart, Paris and New York as well as some external guests.
After their final presentation, a few of the Academy alumni from Academy II and III passed the torch to the next generation of the Academy KlimaEngineers. Vu Hoang from Academy III shared a few words of wisdom from his own experience, “the hardest part of the Academy was figuring out what’s next and staying true to yourself in whatever future endeavours you take on.”
Matthias Schuler praised the group by sharing how he was overwhelmed by the quality of the presentations, and the confidence with which the fellows now – after one year – defended the visions for their home countries to a room full of experts. Stefan Holst echoed these sentiments and added that if he ever had any doubts about the state of global development, after the final presentations of the Transsolar Academy fellows, he can sleep well, knowing these young professionals are shaping the future.
The fellows from cohort IV will be wrapping up their fellowship in September as we invite 6 new architects and engineers for the 2017–2018 cohort. Stay tuned to meet the new fellows in the Transsolar Academy V cohort.
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