Phase Sustainability: Actions speak louder than words.

The German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB) and the German Federal Chamber of Architects (BAK) launched the Sustainability Phase at Expo Real 2019 in Munich:
“The initiative's position in terms of content is formulated in the Sustainability Declaration, a document that architects should use in discussions with clients. It identifies 18 sustainability goals in the areas of sufficiency, climate action, the environment, circular design, positive spaces and building culture. In consultation with the architects, building owners should define which sustainability aspects are most important - as a basis for targeted, binding building planning that considers the most important climate protection and sustainability issues from the get-go.”

Transsolar supports the initiative Sustainability Phase and is committed to using the Sustainability Declaration in projects to define common objectives. This means that sustainability goals are deliberately addressed at the beginning of the project. The declaration is used as a base for discussion and to explain how sustainability goals could be achieved and by what means, thus ensuring the understanding necessary for joint commitment.