Prospective Vision for Greater Geneva – the ecological transition of urban territories

Fondation Braillard Architectes asked 7 teams for spatial solutions – urban-architectural and landscape – in support of the ecological transition of urban territories for Greater Geneva. On July 3rd the teams will present their design ideas for a mid-term review to be discussed with local representatives. Final submission is planned for January 2020.

Objectives of the Consultation:
Geneva and surroundings will have a considerable demographic increase expected for the 2050 scenario. The consultation is expected to propose solutions for lowering CO2 emissions and reducing the ecological footprint. The interdisciplinary nature addresses all professionals transforming built spaces and therefore the design teams include town planners, architects, landscape architects, environmental engineers, mobility engineers, just to name a few disciplines.

TRANSSOLAR is part of the team “Mille et une machines” with Stefano Boeri, Michel Desvigne, Pier Paolo Tamburelli, Klaas De Rycke et Rawad Choubassi.

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