Unveiling Lightscapes

Poem for Lightscapes – local identity, exploring a forgotten resource

Where are we here?

What is the power of this place?
Local identity inspires our fantasy.

When does the sun rise?
Life grows in daylight.

Which way does the wind blow?
Mankind strives to navigate.

Is it too cold, is it too hot?
Body heat is what we need.

Why not take a breath?
Fresh air opens up our minds.

Where are the clouds drifting to?
Dreams are not here to stay.

When will the rain fall?
Heaven cares for vital flow.

Who feels the soul of the soil?
Earth feeds us, the ground supports us.

With what shall we built?
Material is the mother of invention.

What about renewable resources?
Creativity is our energy.

How big is big enough?
Human dimension is the scale.

What are future modes of housing?
Density is our destiny.

How shall we coexist?
Culture can guide us.

Where do we go from here?

Concept and design: Anja Thierfelder
Concept and realization: Transsolar
Poem: Wilfried Korfmacher

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