Video shows Research & Development Facility Kornberg Center in Madison

Watch the Kornberg Center tour video: The new building is home to various uses such as biological research laboratories, conference and administrative areas, a gym and cafeteria. The design places people at its core, creating an inspiring and welcoming environment with an abundance of daylight, fresh air, biophilic integrated nature and green space. The innovative building integrates multiple design strategies to provide pleasant comfort for users. It keeps its carbon footprint low thanks to energy efficiency and adds forward-looking resilience to the humid continental climate, ensuring the building's longevity.
The most important energy savings were achieved in the laboratories with their essential mechanical ventilation. A system with enthalpy wheel recovers both sensible and latent heat from the laboratory exhaust air.
Including the energy input from photovoltaics, the Kornberg Center's energy consumption is 65% less than that of a comparable conventionally built facility. The other parts of the flat roof are greened, and rainwater is collected and used.

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