Completion Auroville Language Lab (ALL), Auroville, Inde

Completion Auroville Language Lab (ALL)

The Auroville Language Lab (ALL) is a product of years of dreaming, planning and hard work by its founders and directors Tapas Desrousseaux and Mita Radhakrishnan, and many others.
As the name suggests, language learning services are offered here mainly to adults, with access to resources in over 120 languages. The Alfred Tomatis method of listening training is also offered here for languages as well as various therapeutic applications for children and adults alike. The building itself is approximately 1,000 m² and two storeys high, and designed by architects Parul Zaveri and Nimish Patel, the founders of Panika and Abhikram in Ahmedabad, India. It was carefully designed with climate in mind; ample shading, lime construction, natural ventilation via wind towers, and photovoltaics, are just some of the measures that are incorporated. Unfortunately, due to difficulties with funding and logistics, the building is still incomplete, although it has been in use since February 2017. Through a series of coincidences in 2019, Tapas Desrousseaux and Mita Radhakrishnan were put into contact with Transsolar, which led to this Academy project. With support from the Transsolar Academy and other international consultants, the directors are hoping to secure information and funding that will guarantee the completion of the project.
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