Multifamily building "erlebnisreich wohnen", Balingen, Germany

Multifamily building

"Erlebnisreich wohnen" (eventful living) is a collectively organized multigenerational residential project that creates living space for encounters and promotes togetherness. Six three-story new buildings with a total of 28 residential units fit together and form a common atrium, which lends itself as a meeting place for the residential community. Due to its location on a slope, the building stands on a base of reinforced concrete. The architecture is exemplary for modern, social, sustainable and comfortable living (KfW standard 55).

The goals of sustainability, aesthetics of simplicity and cost-effective construction are reflected in the choice of materials, the construction, the joining of the components in wood module construction, as well as in the interface minimization and the plant and heating technology.

Two brine heat pumps supply the building with heating, domestic hot water and cooling. Geothermal probes, which are installed outside the building area, serve as the heat and cold source. This system supplies heat for the rooms during the heating season and provides temperature control when cooling is required.
The heat transfer in the room is provided by an underfloor heating system. This is used for heating and cooling. Radiators are only installed in ancillary rooms in the basement.
According to the client, the photovoltaic system was also implemented.

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