Quartier Nouveau "Am Wasserturm", Duisburg, Allemagne

Quartier Nouveau

Before the project started, the initial question for Transsolar was: How can a new developed residential area look like in times of increasing land sealing and how can it meet the increasingly urgent need for climate protection?
Thus, in the new neighborhood "Am Wasserturm" in the Wedau district, housing is under development that addresses today's requirements for sustainability as well as social and ecological challenges and thus offers its residents a future-oriented neighborhood.
Besides a sustainability certification QNB, the aim of the concept is a CO2-neutral operation of the residential development as far as possible, as well as the achievement of the energy efficiency house standard EH40 and thus a potential state subsidy. Therefore building envelopes are to be of passive house quality, significantly better than the requirements of the current mandatory energy code GEG. The compact building volumes have an advantageous surface-to-volume ratio, and the floor plan shapes and building depths are favorable for good daylight conditions and natural ventilation.