École secondaire, Leipzig, Allemagne

École secondaire

The new building is the first school building in Saxony in timber construction. Thanks to its compact design and the adequately insulated shell in combination with robust and intuitive technology, the school building is energy-efficient, comfortable and resilient. Heat is provided by municipal district heating, which comes from combined heat and power and has a primary energy factor of 0.31.

Decentralized electrical under-sink instantaneous water heaters provide hot water for the specialty classrooms. They meet high demands on drinking-water hygiene, but avoid heat loss. The mechanical ventilation of the class and group rooms is equipped with highly efficient heat recovery.

The decentralized approaches to ventilation and drinking water supply reduce the necessary pipeline network to a minimum. For the well-being of the users in the building, Transsolar has evaluated and optimized the thermal comfort of individual zones. Thanks to daylight simulations, the daylight in the classrooms is optimized and the need to use artificial light is limited to what is absolutely necessary.

User control is provided for the external switchable sun and glare protection. The operable windows are primarily used for ventilation. Mechanical ventilation can be activated as required; in the class and group rooms, it ensures a healthy learning environment as required thanks to a CO2-dependent control. Since the fresh air enters the rooms via low-pulse displacement ventilation, ventilation is always comfortable.