Rénovation Ketteler Kolleg, Mayence, Allemagne

Rénovation Ketteler Kolleg

As part of the renovation, the college received a roof over the inner courtyard with a cushion construction made of ETFE. The challenge was to optimize the cushion construction in order to realize an optimal climate concept that takes into account both thermal and visual aspects.
The climate concept uses the existing structural conditions of the thermal concrete masses and integrates new elements into a holistic approach.
Night ventilation heats the concrete surfaces and thus reduces temperature peaks during the day.
The ETFE foil cushions have multi layers and are designed in printed form. This reduces high solar radiation loads in summer. In midsummer, an internal, low-e coated sun protection is closed, which is effectively ventilated. The low-e coating on the sun protection has a great influence on the perceived temperatures in the upper floor, as the radiated heat of the sun protection is reduced.
In winter nights, the coated solar shading serves to reduce long-wave radiation losses to the outside.