Ecole Primaire Emmy Noether Strasse, Munich, Allemagne

Ecole Primaire Emmy Noether Strasse

The new elementary school building at Dachauer- und Emmy-Noether-Strasse was completed for the start of the 2021 school year. The building complex includes a triple field gymnasium, an underground parking garage and a new building with three daycare groups and two kindergarten groups. The three-story building was planned as a solid construction with large open spaces to allow the greatest possible flexibility for the learning house concept.

Transsolar advised on the particularly for schools important ventilation concept that also requires effective sound insulation.
The client's goal was to create a building with the least possible use of technology, but with the best possible user satisfaction in terms of air quality, room temperature and lighting. The incoming air flows into the classrooms via façade-integrated and controllable supply air elements and is heated via simple radiators; therefore, introduced into the classrooms without drafts. The exhaust air is centrally extracted for each classroom and ducted via the corridors. In addition, openable windows can be used to ventilate the room during breaks.

With the help of thermal simulations and daylight simulations, the facade was optimized in terms of daylight utilization and summer heat protection.
The new school building has a green roof and photovoltaic systems for regenerative power generation.