Développement du District Neuperlach, Munich, Allemagne

Développement du District Neuperlach

Built during the late 60 to late 80s, the Neuperlach conurbation depicts a challenge to create a concept for climate-responsive city retrofitting. The current energy system delivers electricity from a coal power plant with district heating as a byproduct, individual mobility is mostly based on fossil fuel as well. Towards the climate neutrality in 2040, the city of Munich develops strategies to integrate city growth. The urban retrofit will use the widespread existing district heating system that will be powered by geothermal energy by 2035. Strategies such as photovoltaic panels on roofs, energy consumption management and storage systems for electricity and heat while incorporating e-mobility hubs will create synergies once the power, heat and transportation are provided by renewable energies. Furthermore, adaptations towards increasing resilience against heat island effect will take place by expanding the park network. This new green infrastructure will be equipped with water management systems and bike paths and that will improve outdoor comfort and mobility for pedestrians and cyclist. Energy efficiency guidelines and measures will take Neuperlach close to the target of climate neutrality while maintaining, its characteristic DNA, Diversity, Nature and Architecture.