Sculpture Hall – Thomas Schütte, Neuss, Allemagne

Sculpture Hall  – Thomas Schütte

The Sculpture Hall Thomas Schütte is a new built museum, which enriches the art scene around the “Insel Hombroich” – a park and a museum combining architecture, art and nature on 62 acres of meadowland. The building was developed in a close collaboration between the architect RKW and the artist Thomas Schütte, who uses the basement of the building as well as a depot for his work of art.
For the elliptical exhibition hall Transsolar developed a particularly sufficient climate and ventilation concept. The goal was the complete renunciation of an EnEV-proof under the building permit. Therefore the targeted room temperature in the exhibition hall during heating season is just 12°C. As heating system only a water-based floor heating is integrated in the solid base. For the ventilation motor-controlled flaps are provided in the facade and the roof. Additionally there are decentralized mobile ultrasonic humidification units to raise indoor humidity to 50-55% RH in winter in case the room temperature temporarily increases to 20°C for a special event. Cooling, dehumidification or mechanical ventilation was completely omitted. Nevertheless, a constant humidity level of 50-60% RH and an ambient room temperature between 12 and 28°C shall be maintained in the exhibition hall. These requirements can be met by sufficient thermal mass, night time flushing in summer and demand-controlled, natural ventilation. Room temperature, humidity and CO2 levels are detected by sensors and compiled in control algorithm by the building management system that regulate ventilation flaps, heating and air humidifiers. Due to the mainly natural conditioning approach temporary shortfalls or exceedance of the set indoor climate levels are tolerable.