Südwestmetall, Reutlingen, Allemagne


The three-part building ensemble with representative offices, conference and training rooms is formally integrated into the existing buildings typology. The client asked for an exceptional building design which illustrates the qualities of metal craft in addition to a functional optimization of the space based on the planned use. An integrated regenerative building concept has been developed that completely dispenses with the use of mechanical cooling.
Cooling is achieved by active slabs integrated in the ceiling of each floor. In the training and conference areas additional wall embedded fluid systems behind facing frameworks have been installed that act as a gravity driven cooling system.
Shading is provided by external sun protection in the form of perforated stainless steel shutters. Activation of the concrete core cooling is achieved using free evaporative cooling in an open cooling tower and the geothermal borehole system in the ground.
Controlled ventilation is provided via a displacement ventilation with decentralized ventilation units, exhaust air from the offices is directly ejected into the metal facade cavity.

2006 Hugo Häring Preis
2005 Detail Preis
2004 LEAF Award
2004 Preis des Deutschen Stahlbaus, Auszeichnung
2004 Deutscher Fassadenpreis