Daycare Folsterhöhe – Modular Timber Construction, Sarrebruck, Allemagne

Daycare Folsterhöhe – Modular Timber Construction

Using a modern and fast modular construction method, a new building with over 100 daycare spaces was built on the Folsterhöhe. The daycare center is one of several new buildings with the same construction method in Saarbrücken. Built on a reinforced concrete floor slab, wood was used exclusively as a structural and design building material, both inside and out to create a nice ambiance. 41 prefabricated modular elements made of coniferous wood were combined.
Although the initial thought was to build in a classic container format the reference to the 2015 extension of the European School in Frankfurt , by the architects of NKBAK, convinced of the timber construction.

“Just in Time,” the modules were delivered pre-assembled, including ceiling radiators, lighting and all connections by truck from Vorarlberg (AT and were put together at the construction site in a very short time.
The floor-to-ceiling windows on the west side have external movable sunshades to prevent overheating in the summer. In addition to the classrooms , there are sanitary areas and checkrooms, as well as staff and parent rooms. On the first floor there is a multi-purpose room and a kitchen with dining room. An elevator and a suitable toilet on the first floor make the building barrier-free.

The thermal energy for heating and hot water is supplied by the municipal district heating network, which relies mainly on combined heat and power. This minimizes the amount of technology required in the building and reduces emissions compared to conventional heating with gas.
Transsolar supported the architects in the implementation of this simple, low-tech building. Specifications for the building components for winter and summer thermal insulation were determined, and support was provided for the heat supply and ventilation.

In addition, the legal proof of the energy saving regulation EnEV was calculated.
Summer thermal insulation was verified using a dynamic thermal building simulation.
Groundbreaking was in November 2019 and the opening of the daycare center was already celebrated in September 2020. In the short construction period, a pleasant building was created in low-tech construction for easy usability with low maintenance requirements.