New Library East, Shanghai, Chine

New Library East

The new Shanghai East Library is located in Pudong District, the area of the city known for its iconic skyline, and will sit immediately next to Century Park –the largest park in the city spread over 140 hectares. The project is conceived as a singular monolithic object floating above the tree canopy within the park. The main library volume floats above two pavilions that will house a 1200 seat performance venue, exhibition and events space and a dedicated children’s library, that will all open up towards a series of landscaped courtyards and gardens. The project completes a trilogy of cultural projects alongside the Science & Technology Museum and the Shanghai Oriental Arts Centre – all which surround the centre of the Pudong Government – and sit alongside Century Avenue that links Century Park to the Business District that forms the now globally recognizable skyline of Shanghai.
The library itself is organized around a grand central atrium in the form of three staggered reading rooms that open up and connect to various parts of the library and various contextual parts of the city from Century Park to the east, a new library park to the south and the city to the north and west. The library volume is carved and twisted to reflect the surrounding park and sky, and continuously clad in a facade of clear, insulated and fritted glass. The façade is optimized for daylight usage while still balancing solar gains and minimize glare. The giant void spaces on each façade create prominent windows creating unobstructed panoramic views to the park and city beyond. Designated areas as the central and façade near atria are efficiently cooled with a floor cooling system in combination with displacement ventilation. The large horizontally installed Photovoltaic system is used to generate renewable and clean energy onsite.

2023 AIA International Honor Award