UCD University College Dublin Future Campus, Dublin, Irlande

UCD University College Dublin Future Campus

The aim of the master plan includes the development of the arrival quad to promote the physical presence of the university and at the same time create a link between the campus and the surrounding city. Part of this is the construction of a well integrated centre for creative design as a living learning laboratory.
Transsolar is currently working with simulations on the daylight optimization for the new prominent building "Centre for Creative Design", whose design is inspired by the basalt columns on the coast of Northern Ireland, and is developing the concept of seminal heating and naturally driven ventilation, in line with the commitment of the entire project: the holistic sustainable values - from design to operation to use - to achieve an energy goal close to zero, by taking into account, wherever possible, design choices that save energy, use sustainable technologies and respect natural environment and biodiversity of the campus.
In addition to an intelligently designed building envelope, new energy supply strategies have been evaluated such as a low temperature energy network that interconnects the new and future campus buildings and the existing data center with a geothermal field, with the idea to have heat sinks and sources in one network which allows using waste energy from the data center to heat the buildings.
The project was stopped.