Eco Footprint of a Different Kind

A statistic for the year 2020 gives a below-average per capita consumption of beer for Germany. It was only 95 liters. (No Wiesn and no Wasen!).
Another statistical value: An office worker moves only about 4,900 steps per day. Assuming a step length of 60 centimeters, this results in 2.94 kilometers per day, or 1073.1 kilometers traveled per year.

On this basis, an average per capita consumption of 8.8 liters per 100 km can be calculated.
Expressed as a CO2 balance, the estimated 300 grams of CO2 per liter for the production and transport of beer add up to 28.5 kilos per year, on average. Beer in kegs comes off better, while beer in disposable packaging comes off significantly worse.

How many inhabitants are counted in Germany in 2020? 83.02 million?

Well then, cheers!