Erik Olsen: "A Sense for Energy - Representing Energy in Buildings"

We just received a copy of “Energy Accounts: Architectural Representations of Energy, Climate, and the Future” by Dan Willis, William W. Braham, Katsuhiko Muramoto and Daniel A. Barber.

The book explores the potential answers to the question "How does one tell the story of energy production, use, or conservation in a manner sufficiently convincing to influence policy, behavior, and design?" The collection of essays relate to symposiums in 2014 on Architecture and Energy – organized by Dr. William W. Braham FAIA, Professor of Architecture at the University of Pennsylvania.
In Chapter 9 Erik Olsen, our Managing Partner in New York, writes “over the past decade the representation of energy in buildings has exploded far beyond the simple monthly utility bill and the traditional engineering economic analysis of energy conservation measures to address a wide range of topics."
The essay "distinguishes among three forms of energy representation relating to buildings: literal representation, design influence, and physical sensation…"