A Holistic Experience: ABK_IUSD_TSA Final Workshop

"Collaboration on design projects with ABK/ IUSD students is a necessary fun interaction with peers, which demonstrates the intricacy of energy concept consultancy. This practice avenue is a holistic experience that challenged Transsolar academy fellows to think beyond simulation results and consider a more thorough application of the lessons learned during their academic sessions."

Together, the ABK/ IUSD and the Transsolar Academy fellows collaborated on the design of respective urban developments throughout the world in different climates. The fellows were to consults the ABK/ IUSD students throughout the design process to reach the best climatic performing solution. The designs presented by the ABK/ IUSD were complex, intriguing and challenging to say the least. After a few round table discussions the Transsolar Fellows simplified the essence of the project to one simple research question or objective in order to find the best performing solution.

Throughout this process, both students and fellows, were challenged to think beyond simulations results. The success of each proposal was proven through simplifying the problem and resolving this to make it a powerful and effective solution. This was a valuable learning experience for both the ABK/ IUSD students and the Fellows as it has given a clear view as to what a real life situation could embody.

> Climate Responsive Design – Workshop
> Climate Responsive Design Seminar

> ABK Master of Arts in Architecture
> MSc Integrated Urbanism and Sustainable Design IUSD