ABK-TSA collaboration for Louisiana Anupama Kundoo Exhibition

The Transsolar Academy fellow Hala Higazi from Egypt and the Architecture Students Antonia Duerig and Lisa Dautel from the Stuttgart State Academy of Art and Design (ABK) challenged themselves to find an optimum solution for high quality and low carbon housing in Auroville, India. Anupama Kundoo Architects had offered to collaborate in designing a 'future facade' to be exhibited at the Louisiana Museum in Denmark. The design followed a 3-step process: first, to understand the local climate condition, second, to understand the user needs and thermal comfort and finally, to utilize on-site renewable energy to cover the minimized energy demand. The result [video: Low Carbon + High Comfort: A Thought Process >] of the iterative process integrating climate engineering and architectural design highlights that optimized passive design measures combined with prudent use of technology fosters innovation.
We would like to express our respect and appreciation for the great cooperation and the excellent result. And for the Transsolar Academy this result also counts as a success.
The study is now part of the exhibition anupama kundoo - taking time running from October 8, 2020 to January 31, 2021.