Academy Fellows as DGNB Consultants

The DGNB (German Sustainable Building Council) offers a modular training program for sustainable building design and its certification system. Upon completion of the course, the participants are eligible for the DGNB Consultant accreditation exam.
In partnership, the DGNB and Transsolar made it possible for 27 internal and external colleagues to participate in the training and exam. Among them are Transsolar Academy Alumni as well as the current Fellows. The latter took their exam on October 26 and they are delighted with the outcomes.
Sandhiya Jayakumar puts it like this:
The fellowship at Transsolar is more than just learning from office work. We, the Fellows of the 7th Transsolar Academy, got the opportunity to take part in the training program by the DGNB in DGNB certification and in building energy efficiency. In this one week training, we learned how DGNB system works in a holistic way to make the built environment better for the occupants, building owners and for the environment.
The training paid off while attending the International DGNB consultant exam. Now that we are DGNB consultants, we can contribute more to the field of sustainable design.
We would like to thank Transsolar for the great opportunity!