Achilles Leaving - Going East then South

Time is mercilessly marching on and the next Transsolar Academy (TSA) fellow is going to leave the company:
Achilles Ahimbisibwe is returning to Africa soon, but not directly, since he will go to the “Passive and Low Energy Architecture” [PLEA] 2018 Conference in Hong Kong on Monday 10th of December to give his presentation titled "Energy Efficient Buildings for Uganda. Accessibility, Reliability and Equal opportunity" and stand in for Wolfgang Kessling, Martin Engelhardt and Daniel Kiehlmann in the Transsolar presentation: „Improve Outdoor Comfort In Urban Spaces; Demonstration Of Dry Mist Strategies In Tropical Climates“ and speak on the Universal Thermal Climate Index [UTCI].

Saying goodbye hurts, we will miss him as friendly colleague, sharing coffee together in a break and so much more….

The good thing is, what he let us now: „The TSA experience makes me feel optimistic about the future. I now appreciate that climate engineering can enhance building performance and architecture in Uganda.“ Read more in his interview.

Have a nice trip and stay in contact!
Photo: (l) mentor Nadir Abdessemed, (r) Achilles Ahimbisibwe