ADVANCED BUILDING SKINS 2017 2-3 October 2017, Bern, Switzerland

Wolfgang Kessling will talk about 'Advanced climate engineering strategies for performing envelopes' at the Conference on Advanced Building Skins.
The aim of the conference is to contribute to a multidisciplinary, integrated planning approach to reduce energy consumption of buildings and addresses architects, engineers, scientists and the building industry. In the past about 600 participants from over fifty countries took part. The two-day program covers different aspects in six session blocks running parallel.
Wolfgang has a wide background in sustainable building design and leads a team of Climate Engineers and experts for integral planning with special focus on high comfort - low energy - concepts for buildings around the world. He develops high performant envelopes collaborating closely with the design team and building industry involved. One example for this successful teamwork is the building Fabrikstrasse 15 in Basel:
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