Conference Building Simulation and Optimisation 2022

The Building Simulation and Optimisation 2022 will be an online event. The IBPSA-England's Sixth Conference and Second Virtual BSO is hosted by the University of Bath, Centre for Energy and the Design of Environments (EDEn). Wolfgang Kessling is invited as keynote speaker.

This year, the conference is aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs), which focus on gathering all countries in a global partnership to develop a sustainable future for people and the planet. The Global South alone is expected to nearly double current global built floor space by 2050, driven primarily by growth in urbanisation. A typical building lasts 60 years and we spend about 90% of our lives in them. This means that buildings built now will have an impact on carbon, energy and health well into the 2080s.

Buildings design in the Global South has to be carbon, energy and health optimised from the get-go. But first there are significant challenges to overcome around equity, access, localisation, fitness-to-purpose, cultural sensitivity and cost. The conference will also have a special focus on building simulation and optimisation in the Global South. This special focus explores the specific challenges faced by this neglected part of the world and includes:

  • Affordable simulations
  • Simulations in informal cities
  • Simulations to reduce inequalities in access to energy and other natural resources
  • Simulations of natural ventilation in hostile outdoor environments (mosquitoes, unsafe streets, pollution, noise)
  • Unaffordable comfort
  • Simulation in context of energy poverty
  • Solar energy in informal and overcrowded settlements