Low-Budget - Low-Tech - Improved Comfort

The 5th year of the Transsolar Academy has ended. The personal projects of all fellows are online now.
Today we will focus in particular on:
Defying the elements of the tropics: more comfort with less resources
With Nikki Alaine Panaligan’s project we visit the university Los Baños on the Philippines. The civil engineer Nikki knows the local CEAT Lounge well, the most important social space of the College of Engineering and Agro-Industrial Technology (CEAT). In its function as a meeting place, learning and dining area for students, the lounge has the status of "no alternative". The half-open space without walls, a concrete structure with a tin roof, is always well visited - if possible. There are no seasons in the Philippines as we know them. Put simply, the weather is divided into "hot-season" and "rainy-season". And the lounge doesn’t offer sufficient protection against heat, wind or rain in either season. Nikki has demonstrated the effectiveness of their deliberately low-tech solutions for improved comfort with the current means of computer simulation. Her goal is to realize whatever is possible and affordable, in coordination with university administration, students and alumni associations. The university would then have its own example of climate-friendly design.

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