CITY UNFINISHED | International Conference in City Planning | August 30 2017 | Tallinn Estonia

"Every decision has a spatial dimension, an impact and a consequence apparent in the future. To a large degree, cities are a result of decisions from a broad spectrum of disciplines and ongoing processes."
The initiators of the conference seek to explore what is steering us towards these results and how the future is shaped and explore what we expect from a future city.

Thomas Auer will give answers to the following questions put out by the event organizers: How do different practices construct futures? Are long term strategic plans plausible and possible or have we shifted towards swift tactical decisionmaking? If cities offer a high quality of life for the whole society, then who in particular? Who do we negotiate this with? How do we plan the indeterminable? Can one perceive the future by rolling dice? How do we enact the future? Can it be pre-determined – drawn up, described, scheduled and ruled?

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» Transsolar urban design approach