Project Day speaker initiates donation to "Engineers without Boarders EWB"

A link between Engineers without Borders EWB and Transsolar has existed for years. In fact, some of our Transsolar colleagues have worked for EWB in the past. Two years ago, our Transsolar Academy welcomed the opportunity to work with EWB Karlsruhe on an exciting water supply project for Colombia.

Recently, a former director of EWB Canada gave an inspiring talk during our “Project Days” in Stuttgart and requested that his honorarium be donated to EWB. We very happily obliged and welcomed the opportunity to financially support this non-profit organization.

One of the key points of the EWB Germany mission statement states: "Effective support means that a project is only successfully completed when it can be independently continued by local people – help for self-help."

This coincides with our vision, which we pursue with the Transsolar Academy: the empowerment of young professionals from the "majority world". While we try to tackle the same with the fellowship, the EWB predominantly works locally. That's why we were very happy to support this organization and fulfill the wish to make a donation.