Every time period and society builts its own monuments

Our Transsolar Academy fellow Filip Kobzinek is part of a working group of young professionals called Society of Architects of Varaždin, that has committed itself to do research on modernist architecture of their hometown of Varaždin. The baroque buildings of this historical town are valued by the public, but the 20th century modernist buildings are not and are prone to be devastated.
The vision of the work group is to change attitudes and raise the awareness by informing the public. They believe and want people to understand that every time period and every society builts its own monuments.
In the course of the last two years, the group has successful published articles about several buildings that stand for modernist architecture in Varaždin. The authors not only explain the aim of the design architect but have added photos and drawings made by students showcasing the quality of the architecture. The result of 2 years, work all done in an honorary capacity, has been compiled in a book titled “Arhitektura 20. stoljeća u Varaždinu – tekstovi 2017/2018” (Architektur des 20. Jahrhunderts in Varaždin - Texte 2017/2018).

This second edition has been proposed to be awarded by the Croatian Chamber of Architects. Congratulations!