Outdoor Comfort EXPO 2015 Milan

From 1 May to 31 October 2015 Milan will be host to the World’s Fair “FEEDING THE PLANET. ENERGY FOR LIFE”.

The theme of the Austrian pavilion is “breathe.austria”. The air of Milan is different from the air in Austria, but the air temperature and humidity in Milan allows the perceived climate of a dense and rich Austrian forest to be reproduced in a low-tech manner. For the pavilion a forest with an area of 560 m² was planted. The visitors walk from a sunny space into the pavilion forest. Walking in the sun is perceived as moderate or strong heat stress; entering the forest changes the perception of comfort. It is not only shaded, but the radiant and air temperature are reduced by the leaves. Physically the evaporation of water reduces the surrounding temperature. In a forest the meteorological term “evapotranspiration” can be used, in the Austrian Pavilion this effect will be technically supported by spraying water (adiabatic cooling). Ventilators will increase the air speed creating an even more comfortable space (no thermal stress).

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