Hello and Good Bye – #30yearstranssolar

Transsolars Experience Days in Oberbechingen: Four days of exceptional conditions (for some even more) are over and vacation time has arrived. We had planned a lot and achieved a lot, especially one thing: We had a great time in Oberbechingen on the Swabian Alb. Maybe we were too optimistic about the amount of work, because it was quite a lot for the short time. But optimism and enthusiasm characterize us. Fortunately, we had experienced craftsmen and experts on site. In addition, the hands-on side of all Transsolarians came out and we helped, complemented, and supported each other, worked and sweated together – and had great fun.
We got close to each other (pandemic conscious) and had the opportunity to experience each other differently. It was great to discover how impressive energy and enthusiasm became present and how unexpected talents and sides of personalities came to light.

The Tiny House is sealed, the biogas plant is sunk, the gray water system is assembled and tested, the rammed earth block, which serves as a base for the pizza oven, is drying. The oven already provided us with wonderful pizza on the evening of the celebration. The stable for the alpacas stands as a shell, the parkour leads through the meadow... and now? We will stay tuned and report in detail about the individual projects and how things are progressing on the site.

We would also like to thank all the people outside Transsolar for their contribution to the success of the project: To Bernd and Sabine for letting us into their home, their friend Matthias, without whom we could not have worked; to Müllers from Landhotel Zum Adler for the great accommodation; to Dipl. Psych. Christiane Schuler for her initiative and passion for animal-assisted therapy; to Tim Langer, who taught us all about rammed earth and loam; to Alexander Plank from auwegKartell as well as Samuel Weber from NUK Nudge Up Konstruktion, without whom the Tiny House would not be; to Katrin Pütz with the convincing construction her biogas plant from (B)Energy; and to Jakob Klemens, who challenged us with his conviction to live within closed cycles, the grey water plant shows how easy an implementation can be.

At #30yearstranssolar great people have proven with their result-oriented collaboration, it is worth to look into the future with optimism.