Herzog & de Meuron wins competition to design Seoripul Open Art Storage

Submitted by WA Contents: Called Seoripul Open Art Storage, the cubic-shaped building will be a home archive space for the three museums: the Seoul Museum of Art, the Seoul Museum of Craft Art, and the Seoul Museum of History.
Beyond its collective archive space, the 19,500-square-metre building aims to be a dynamic civic space for Seoul residents and global visitors. The project’s architectural elements focuses on specific programs, which is taking shape as a terraced garden with mineral blocks for functions like the Cafe, Library, Art Delivery, and Art Handling.
The design of the building is based on “achieveing carbon neutrality” in terms of operational and embodied carbon in construction. Herzog & de Meuron devised a sustainability strategy centering around five key impact areas. These five key elements are all aimed at realizing carbon neutrality within a 50-year lifespan of the building.
For example, one of them is prioritizing “high recycled content concrete,” which helps to get the “optimized structure that significantly reduces concrete usage.”
Other sustainable principles include photovoltaic elements, a geothermal heat pump, limited window openings, rainwater collection from the roof and waterproof surfaces.
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