Hongkong “Advancing Net Zero” Winner: The Treehouse (Future Building)

Hongkong Green Building Council announces the Winners of the “Advancing Net Zero” Ideas Competition for Building Solutions to Address Climate Change.
Winner in the Future Building Category is “The Treehouse” by RLP Ronald Lu & Partners (Hong Kong) Ltd.
Using the concept of the sacred union between man and nature, “The Treehouse” is a new calibre of workplace which aims to promote carbon positivity through cutting edge technology, design and management.
“The Treehouse” features a self-shading façade for the upper storeys as well as a rooftop PV system to avoid solar heat and help generate renewable energy for daily operations. To reduce energy consumption, large PV integrated overhangs with daily light reflectors; a windcatcher that can capture cool air from 200 meters above ground; and a BIPV – CLAD solar chimney will be installed to promote natural lighting and ventilation for the building’s interior.
The idea of the stunning, net-zero, wellness-focused workplace for the climate generation is to inspire and encourage everyone to reinvent their relationship with the earth and make strides to create positive changes for our future.
The ANZ Competition aimed to push boundaries and design future-ready buildings to advance the net-zero emissions economy by 2050. RLP’s win underlines their continuing commitment to sustainability and the seriousness which is taken for Hong Kong’s goal of becoming net zero.