Improved Comfort for the South African shack

The 5th year of the Transsolar Academy has ended. The personal projects of all fellows are online now.
Let's go to South Africa this week :

Improved comfort for the South African shack - There's an app for that!

Many people worldwide have limited finances and resources available that ensure good housing environments. In South Africa, Petru’s native country, a big majority of people live in dwellings that are self-made structures. These dwellings offer a very low level of comfort that result in undesirable living conditions. In context such as South Africa temperatures can range from -3 º C to + 45 º which is quite extreme. However, with Petru’s app it is possible to build structures that offer a better level of thermal comfort, even with limited resources. You just need to know how to use different materials efficiently.

Petru aims is to provide this knowledge to the self-builder and those who want to become one. In the face of steadily growing internet availability and widespread smartphones, she packs her knowledge into an app – very modern indeed. This app then generates solutions based on local conditions, available materials as well as the knowledge of the professionals, and ultimately provides instructions for self-builders which enable them to create more sustainable dwellings.

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