Designing for Future

We are pleased to announce ten new Associate Partners: Max Bauer, Tommaso Bitossi, Christian Frenzel, Daniel Kiehlmann, Markus Krauß, Raphael Lafargue, Jochen Lam, Krista Palen, Matthias Rammig and Felix Thumm, who will acquire shares in Transsolar and Transplan in the near future.

This expansion of the existing group of shareholders to include younger Transsolarians forms the basis for a generational change in the management of the company. The current shareholders and Managing Directors, together with the group of new Associate Partners, are embarking on the exciting journey of the new generation gradually taking over responsibility and management tasks.

A consulting and facilitation team of employees is organizing and supporting this long-term transition. The process involves more than formal succession; it is also about how our company evolves while carrying the Transsolar DNA into the future. With the ten new Associate Partners, we begin to diversify and build a solid foundation on which the generational transition can advance in a continuous and open way.

We look forward to our continuing collaboration.

For the entire Transsolar team,
Thomas Auer, Volkmar Bleicher, Stefan Holst, Erik Olsen, Dieter Schnelle, Matthias Schuler (Managing Directors)