Stefan Holst: Aiming for No Impact

Stefan Holst will speak at the Facades+ NYC on April 4th about "Aiming for No Impact".
We discuss the impact of our work on the environment almost on a daily basis and being engineers we take pride in aiming for the most challenging goals: so why take "low impact" for granted... there must be a way to design "no impact" and at the end maximize our positive impact?
Stefan has 25 years of experience in designing high-tech and low-tech facades and building throughout the world. He is one of the most influential designers in our company. He joined the company in 1996 after having researched on solar energy storage systems and their building integration in Munich. Stefan directed the team for the Bangkok International Airport, the company's first international large scale project, from the very first innovative concept ideas to final commissioning of the building's integral concept on site. Stefan has significantly contributed to the company's building and system simulation tools and directed the software development team for several years.

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